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Making children’s dreams come true onstage!

Dreamaker Theater is a professional English theater youth troupe which combines production performance, dramatic learning, and well-rounded personal development. Based on the drama curriculum of Trinity College in London, Dreamaker Theater integrates English drama education with standard theatrical education. We provide international standard English drama courses for children from age seven to eighteen. Dreamaker provides children with professional theatrical performance opportunities while also developing the actor’s global outlook, independent thinking, creativity, imagination, confidence, empathy, English speech, communication, and cooperation. In recent years, Dreamaker Theater has performed more than 300 plays for more than 40,000 spectators.

Advantages of Dreamaker Theatre course Course advantage
Gorgeous stage, gorgeous bloom On our beautiful, professional stage, your children’s growth will be fully realized!
Dreamaker Theater is a journey, offering your children enough unique experiences to last a lifetime!
DREAMAKER THEATRE Course Levels Of course points order
Every child is the hero on the stage!
7-9 years observation     experience     imitation
  • 1Good command of English in English
  • 2Developing the ability to observe the details of life
  • 3Stimulating a love for drama and art
  • 4Building aesthetic perception
  • 5Training the ability to understand and imitate
10-12 years Interpret     Think        Express
  • 1Training fluent English expression
  • 2Cultivating a special understanding of drama
  • 3Stimulating imagination and creativity
  • 4Enhancing onstage performance
13-15 years Techniques      Create      reflection
  • 1Cultivating high perceptual thinking
  • 2Developing deep analytical skills
  • 3Learning to reflect on one’s performance
  • 4Increasing empathy
  • 5Training stage performance
  • 6Teaching the ability to self-edit and
  •       direct
DREAMAKER THEATRE Course Levels Of course points order
An attempt to understand the unknown and explore the future!

Dreamaker Theatre is a fusion of creative drama education, English drama education, and theatrical education that takes place entirely onstage. Based on the world-famous Trinity College theatrical exam syllabus, we combine drama, dance, and music performance to create an international-standard English drama curriculum system for 4- to 18-year-old Chinese children. The children will learn from the very best the world has to offer in the way of theatrical education, which will help mold them into well-rounded, creative, team-oriented, capable, artistic, and expressive young adults.

THE CURRICULUM SYSTEM OF DREAMAKER drama course system of dreamaker theatre
Performance allows children to understand life and how to act in it.
Department of dramatic performance The kids will learn performance theory, performance skills, and a deeper understanding of art in general, but the primary focus is on the study of professional performance. They also take music and dance courses to prepare for an annual performance! Course content

warm-up exercises based on class content , drama games, mime training, improvisations, fragment training,

Scene creation, pronunciation training, story creation, poetry display, repertory rehearsal;

Basic • intermediate • advanced
Musical Department The children learn the four main elements of musical performance: singing, acting, body movement, and overall performance in general. The acting and the movement parts are simpler than in the dramatic performances, but the added singing element adds a new challenge for the students. Our warm-up exer Course content

class content  drama games  mime training  improvisations  fragment training
Scene creation  pronunciation training  story creation  poetry display   repetitive rehearsal

Basic • advanced
DREAMAKER TEACHERS Helen O 'Grady teacher
Make the children be the directors of their life!
The Dreamaker team has always an extensive artistic background, some coming from a background of great dramatic and educational training. Some of our teachers have prolific performance experience and many years of teaching practice under their belts. All of our teachers, love children, drama, and teaching, and they fully respect the uniqueness of each and every child. With their help, the children can realize their ultimate potential—being the director of their own life!
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